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Physical Facilities and Logistical Support


DATA has the necessary physical facilities and logistical support to implement its assignments with efficiency and on time. Besides modern office equipment and communication facilities, it has a project-related reference library, a data bank, and a reprographics unit. DATA has a fully developed computer section with all the necessary hardware and software and has well-qualified instructors who carry on upgrading the skills of the data entry operators on a regular basis. Data analysis is done by professional data analysis team. Computers are connected through a LAN (local area network) system that enables fast and efficient data management. Also have a variety of spreadsheet and statistical software that are an essential part of data management. The currently available equipment and logistical support of DATA are the following:


Equipments and Facilities: 


Service Type Name of Equipment/Facility Quantity
A. Computer Facilities
I. Hardware
Office Administration & Accounts Pentium IV computer with internal DVD/CD burner 1
Dell Pentium IV (Laptop) computer 1
EPSON LQ - 2170 Printer 1
Access to all devices through LAN
Data Management Pentium IV computer with internal DVD/CD burner 3
Dell Pentium IV (Laptop) computer 1
Access to all devices through LAN
Data Entry Pentium IV computer with internal DVD/CD burner 11
Pentium III computer with internal CD burner 3
Access to all devices through LAN
Divices/Facilities under LAN
Server PC 1
HEWLETT PACKARD LaserJet 1320 Printer 1
HEWLETT PACKARD LaserJet 3005 duplex Printer 1
EPSON LQ - 2170 Printer 2
CD writer (internal) 1
DVD/CD writer (internal)  4
High Resolution Flat bed Scanner 2
100 megabyte I-Omega Zip drive 1
External USB HDD for backup (250 gb) 2
  External USB HDD for backup (40 gb) 1
II. Software Mail Server 
E-mail address for all staff (Web based)
Internet Connection (telecom dialup modem) 3
          Spread Sheet: MS Access, MS Excel, SPSS/DE II 
          Data Processor: SPSS, STATA, MS Access 
          GIS: ArcView GIS Version 3.1 
          Graphical Software: MS PowerPoint, Harvard Graphics, Adobe Print shop 
          Word Processor: MS Word, Word Perfect 
          Operating System: Windows NT and 2003 for Server, Windows 98 and 2000 for Workstation/client 
          Mail server: MDaemon Server 
          Internet: Netscape, Microsoft Explorer, Eudora pro 
B. Office Equipments
Telephones (Land line) with small office PABX 3
Telephones (Cell phone) 10
Fax Machines 1
E-mail (Single user for office) 1
E-mail for all staff (Web based, 20 connectivity) 1
Internet Connection (Dialup) 1
Internet Connection (Broadband) 3
Photo Copiers 1
Electric Typewriters 1
Paper Cutting Machine 1
Spiral Binding Machines 1
UPS & Voltage Regulators 16
Multimedia Projectors 1
Overhead Projectors 1
C. Survey Equipments
Data collection Blood sample collection tools [type 1] 3
Blood sample collection tools [type 2] 7
Freezer for storing blood and other samples 2
  Large Ice chest for carrying blood and other samples 2
Geographical Positioning System GPS 30
Bathroom Scale (UNI-Scale) 9
Bathroom Scale (Standard) 27
Height measurement tools 40
Audio recorder (tape) 3
Audio recorder (digital) 8
Still camera 4
Video camera 1
Survey utility Flash light [rechargeable] 15
Torch light 75
Umbrella 75
Carrying bag 200
D. Transport:
Car 1
Microbus 1
Minivan [Toyota Liteace Noah] 1


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