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Data Analysis and Technical Assistance Limited


DATA is a research consulting firm to applying its technical expertise in support of finding solutions to pressing social and economic challenges in Bangladesh. Its uniqueness as an organization stems from the honest devotion, efficiency, and high quality work of its staff and the prioritization of client satisfaction over profit. 


DATA brings strong analytic approaches to problems with its extensive experience in survey design, data collection and statistical analysis and use of various major national data sources such as the Population Census, Household Income Expenditure Survey (HIES), etc. A major strength of the firm is conducting sophisticated technical research and translating the methods and results into presentations accessible to a broad, non-technical audience.

International Women’s Day 2016:


International Women’s Day 2016: Empowering women with data and evidence in Bangladesh

International Women’s Day 2016: Empowering women with data and evidence in Bangladesh




International Women’s Day 2016: IFPRI partner Mohammad Zahidul Hassan (Data Analysis and Technical Assistance Limited, DATA) talks about lessons learned from the implementation of the WEAI in Bangladesh.



Very few organizations in Bangladesh have devoted themselves to the collection and management of quality data for understanding the underlying socioeconomic issues in the country. People at DATA are committed to such an effort using state of the art survey methodologies and employing highly technical data management systems. This has been the key for DATA’s success over the past twenty five  (25) years helping to produce many excellent research outputs that dealt with critical issues relating to food-security and agricultural policies, poverty alleviation programs, nutrition, health, gender and educational achievements of the people in the country.

 Data Analysis and Technical Assistance Limited

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